Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fuji Instax – Successor to Polaroid

The Fuji Instax camera and film line is the successor to Polaroid. Fujifilm and Polaroid had a working relationship that was the total opposite of Kodak with their ill-fated instant print cameras in 1976. Although Kodak manufactured Polaroid’s instant film products from 1963-1969 they had not licensed the Polaroid technology when they decided to branch out on their own. Had they done so they may have become the successors to Polaroid instead of Fujifilm. Fujifilm also had working agreements with Kodak while Kodak was developing their instant film technology. When Kodak lost their patent suit against Polaroid Fujifilm turned around and licensed Polaroid instant technology. Ironically, Fuji’s instant camera technology was closer in design to Kodak than Polaroid. They also licensed Kodak’s instant camera technology giving them access to both competitors.

Fujifilm first issued their instant print cameras and film in 1998 in Japan. They had launched both the Instax Mini 10 and Instax Mini film with the Instax Wide camera and film debuting in 1999. Partnering with Polaroid they released the Polaroid Mio instant camera using Instax Mini 10 film in 2001. Initially, the Instax line did not do well in the U.S.A. and was discontinued after a few years until its comeback in 2008. In 2016 they released a monochromatic Instax Mini film followed by the Instax Wide version. Polaroid officially withdraws from producing instant print film in 2008.

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